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Sondra & Bentley
Andrea with her “K9 Manners” has been the best thing for my dog Bentley and myself. As funny as it sounds I understand and communicate with my animal in a way that makes everyday a lot simpler. He no longer runs my life with his spoiled ways, he listens and I am now the dominant figure. She has taught more than the basics of training my dog and has done extra to tackle our individual problems. Andrea has worked around my hectic schedule to accommodate our training sessions and ensure success with every issue. Andrea really cares and I would recommend her expertise to anyone. She has made a great difference in my life with my animal who means the world to me.
Thank you,
Sondra Lackner and Bentley
Bringing up Willie"
I have never had the pleasure of bringing up a German Shepherd from puppyhood, and was not quite sure where to start. I was extremely excited when I got in touch with Andrea and the fact that she would come to my house and help me train Willie in our home. I was not familiar with "dog language", even though I had owned a Shepherd for over 10 years, as he was a year old when I got him. Andrea is not only training Willie, but she is training me! She is very patient and truly has the best interest of the dog in mind. Willie is now 7 months old and it is amazing how far he has come and how I am starting to understand his "language". Andrea has a lot of knowledge on how to train dogs, and keeps herself updated at all times in all areas of training. We see her once a week and both Willie and I look forward to our sessions.
I do not want to have an uncontrollable large dog, and thanks to Andrea I think my wishes will come true. I also have to do my share of the work, training with Willie every day, go for walks, and spend time playing with him.
Our Golden/Lab mix Oscar is a very sweet and VERY friendly dog. We had started his training on our own and he was doing very well with learning the basic commands, as long as there were no distractions, namely new people or dogs, around. With her clear and consistent approach to dog training, we were able to practice his commands in a variety of situations, including working around strange dogs, new people, and working off leash. Now when Oscar encounters a new or exciting situation, we see it as an opportunity to practice what he has learned, rather than a potential disaster. Our relationship with Oscar has definitely benefited from our training with Andrea!
I called Andrea in distress. We had a dog but were in no way enjoying our dog. Andrea's convienient in-home classes taught the whole family how to manage our pet. We now have a house of harmony and peace. Her simple and easy training methods were very effective and easy enough for my 8 year old to follow. Soda Pop has become a wonderful addition to our family. People in the neighbourhood even notice the great change in his behavior. Most importantly our dog liked the training sessions and was eager to participate. I thought he was a lost cause, but he was lost because we hadn't established the leadership he needed. Andrea corrected that. She taught us how to get good behavior out of our puppy. A lifetime of happiness will follow.
The Villeneuve's and Soda Pop
Lilo and Stich
I just wanted to thank you for helping my whole family with our new puppies, Lilo and Stitch. We were first time dog owners with 2 children and 2 completely out of control puppies. The first time that Andrea stepped into our home the dogs behaved differently towards her. She had their respect immediately. She taught the 4 of us, how to be 'in control' of our environment. She explained behaviors and training techniques in a way that we all understood. She brought a vast knowledge and insight about dogs and ours specifically that we found invaluable. We followed her instructions and tasks and practiced them every day which then turned into routine. With everyone in the family on the 'same page', we were quickly able see significant improvements in their behavior. My children were then able to take the pups for walks. Before Andrea and K9 Manners, my husband and I were so frustrated, we even stopped walking them. Family started coming around the house again, thankful, for better behaved puppies from the jumping, barking ones, that they were familiar with before Andrea's training. We have begun to love our puppies again! I highly recommend Andrea and her techniques and am looking forward to continuing with intermediate training.
The Kellington Family, John Lisa, Danton, Kylie, Lilo and Stich
I just thought I'd let you know how things are going with Piper. She's now one year old and seems to be settling down quite a bit. She's strong and super energetic but eager to please. She even sits at the edge of the living room carpet when people come to the door now and I don't open the door until she is completely calm.
I want to thank you again for all you guidance in getting her started in the right direction. Without your help, things might have turned out quite differently. We are thrilled with our little girl - love her to bits. She has more personality than any dog I've ever known and I'm so happy she's part of our family.
We initially contacted K9 Manners to help our dog Roxy with what we thought was separation anxiety. Little did we know it was her inability to be alone. With Andrea's knowledge, skills and experience with dog training we were able to greatly improve Roxy’s issues and even teach her basic commands. Andrea was always available to answer any questions and provide on the spot training advice whenever needed.