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Andrea with her “K9 Manners” has been the best thing for my dog Bentley and myself. As funny as it sounds I understand and communicate with my animal in a way that makes everyday a lot simpler. He no longer runs my life with his spoiled ways...
Sondra & Bentley
I have never had the pleasure of bringing up a German Shepherd from puppyhood, and was not quite sure where to start. I was extremely excited when I got in touch with Andrea and the fact that she would come to my house and help me train Willie in our home...
Bringing up Willie"
Our Golden/Lab mix Oscar is a very sweet and VERY friendly dog. We had started his training on our own and he was doing very well with learning the basic commands, as long as there were no distractions, namely new people or dogs, around. With her clear and consistent...
Welcome Dog Lovers!
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K9 Manners
Personalized Dog Training
Why K9 Manners?
  • Does your dog jump on people when they enter your home?

  • Does it seem like your dog hears you but just doesn't obey you?

  • Does your dog steal food, pull on the leash or not come when called?

  • Do you find it difficult to commit to training classes that are not coordinated to your schedule?

In Home Training is the Answer!
  • We provide a program that is flexible to your timetable.

  • Dogs and owners learn more with one-on-one attention.

  • Specific problems can be identified and addressed.

  • No risk of encountering aggressive dogs in a class.

  • High-energy dogs are not being stimulated in the presence of other dogs.

  • Puppies can start immediately you don't need to wait for immunization.

  • Puppies and small dogs can learn better when not intimidated or excited by other dogs.

  • Exposure to other dogs is provided for socialization and to test obedience control.

  • Dogs have the ability to learn before being subjected to distractions of other people and dogs.

dog training
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