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About Andrea
I started K9 Manners, because of my for love for dogs and the relationship I shared with my beloved Jasper. Often I have seen dogs end up unwanted in shelters or euthanized due to lack of training. Promoting the obedience and manners of a well-balanced companion based on mutual respect, understanding, and communication will provide you, your family and dog with the best relationship possible.
I recognized there is a need for owners to not only train but to understand their dogs and found that personalized in-home training is the most effective approach to having a well behaved companion/member of the family. Through my extensive training, fostering and continued dedication to update and improve my skills, I can offer sound proven training methods based specifically on your dog's temperament, threshold, nerves and drives. It is my personal goal to help owners build solid relationships, based on love trust and respect with their dogs.
I believe that every dog has its own individual personality, and program lessons personalized to you and your dog’s needs. In-home training is a convenient, affordable and flexible service for people's busy schedules. In-home training offers flexibility allowing my clients the time required to practice with their dogs and reach their goals. Group classes are often too hectic for both the owner and dog to learn and often many training issues are not addressed. With the one-on-one attention/training my clients receive they can develop a strong relationship with their canine companion.
  • Member of the CKC, CAPPDT and the K9 Sport Club
  • Volunteer for the OSPCA
  • Volunteer for the St. John's Ambulance Dog Therapy Program