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Frequently Asked Questions
K9 Manners offers unique personalized approach to training for both owner and dog.
Training takes place in your home where realistic situations that are encountered daily. K9 Manners believes in the importance of having a strong bond and building a solid relationship with your dog. K9 Manners recognizes that each dog is unique and training is customize based on your dogs temperament, needs and understanding. Traditional dog group classes are based on fixed schedules, and lack personal attention with generic teaching methods. K9 Manners offers what group classes cannot, flexible schedules, based on you and your dog’s needs and progression. The attention given to each client and their dog is specific to their situation creating a successful relationship. K9 Manners trains you and your dog under practical conditions, in your home, on walks or parks in your area. K9 Manners knows that a well mannered dog valued member of your family as well a pet that is relaxed and happy. K9 Manners not only teaches your dog, but teaches the owner so you can apply your knowledge throughout the life of your pet. Respect, trust, loyalty, and leadership are important arts to bonding with your pet to create a solid relationship while teaching your pet your expectations as a valued member of your family.
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What is the cost of in-home training?
Regular group training offers generic training levels, where a dog will have to attend each level to achieve proper obedience. Personalized in-home training gives you the opportunity to attain more in a shorter amount of time, often achieving in one round of 5 lessons, what you would achieve in a couple of levels of group classes. The prices are based on the amount of lessons required and travel time.
How soon can I start training my dog with K9 Manners?
Once you have decided to use K9 Manners give us a call or register on line and we will set up our first session. K9 Manners is flexible to your schedule as there are no set starting dates. Since it is in-home based, puppies can start as early as the week you bring them home, no need to wait for vaccinations.
What times are you available for training?
I am flexible and try to accommodate my clients. I train in the evenings and some Saturdays. Sessions are flexible and so are the times.
How many sessions and where?
I offer individual sessions for targeting specific problems or a package of 5 sessions. All sessions are one hour. Sessions usually take place in your home, or the area in which you live depending on what type of training/level we are working on.
How often are the sessions?
The frequency of sessions is based on individual training needs, temperament, goals, maturity, your availability, and especially progress. There is no set timeline because everyone’s situation is a little different. Some people prefer to do a more scheduled timeline, and others like to spread out the sessions over a reasonable amount of time.
What happens if a client can’t make a session or my dog has not progressed enough?
All you have to do is reschedule and your session is not lost. I am flexible and understand that things come up, people and dogs get sick, vacations, not having enough time to train etc.
What methods do you use?
The methods used are specific to each dog and owner. I use the method that is in the best interest of the dog. Each owner and dog are unique and require my personal attention and knowledge of expectations, abilities and time. I believe in a solid foundation based on mutual respect and trust, a relationship where both you and your dog can develop. I believe in proper leadership where you and your dog work as a team. Understanding your dog and your own expectations are equally important. Consistency and boundaries are very important to your dog relieving stress and anxieties. Dogs need to be taught how to behave with realistic expectations!
What support do you offer?
I am available to my clients by phone or email, this is an added bonus that group classes do not offer. Also I teach my clients theory so that when a situation comes up they can apply what they have learned. If that does not work or they just have a quick question even after the training sessions have completed, I will do my best to answer them without charge by email or phone. I only charge if more sessions are required.