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Professional Dog Training
Personalized Packages to Fit Your Needs
In-Home Training - Personalized obedience training the most effective way to successfully train your dog.
In-Home Training Package:
  • We provide a program that is flexible to your timetable.

  • Dogs and owners learn more with one-on-one attention.

  • Specific problems can be identified and addressed.

  • No risk of encountering aggressive dogs in a class.

  • High-energy dogs are not being stimulated in the presence of other dogs.

  • Puppies can start immediately you don't need to wait for immunization.

  • Puppies and small dogs can learn better when not intimidated or excited by other dogs.

  • Exposure to other dogs is provided for socialization and to test obedience control.

  • Dogs have the ability to learn before being subjected to distractions of other people and dogs.

Please contact 905-439-2599 for pricing (prices vary by area)
Benefits In-Home Training:
  • Quicker results because a professional trainer is working with you and your dog exclusively
  • Lessons are more applicable when learned in the dog’s own environment
  • Customized training for your dog to be successful and happy
  • Sessions are scheduled when it’s convenient for you and your family
  • Easier to learn in a less stimulating environment. We add distractions as dog learns commands
  • Proper puppy socialization
  • Training can can be done on walks and in your environment to ensure ‘real life’ functionality
  • Training & behavior modification is done when and where you need it
Training Methods:
I feel it's important that my clients learn theory, such as how to establish leadership, how to live with their dogs, and understand how to communicate with their dogs. Dogs need balance, attention, exercise and boundaries so they can develop into well behaved and happy dogs. A dog is a loyal companion that should be loved, trusted, and respectful to its owners! The most effective method for dogs is a balanced approach to training.
Balance Training Combines:
Benefits In-Home Training:
  • Understanding and establishing a healthy social structure
  • Learning theory that provides effective balanced training methods
  • Positively motivating and reinforcing good behavior, and negatively discouraging/modifying bad behavior
  • Reading our dogs body language so you can communicate and understand our dog thoughts and needs
  • Setting boundaries that are clear, and consistent