Gracie who recently was injured requiring stitches went back to the Vet to have her bandage changed which has to be done every 3 days. On this visit they noticed a small infection starting, so they changed her antibiotics giving her stronger medication.

When my husband brought her home he also brought home another vet bill. The first bill was very expensive as they sedated her to do the stitches and we were also charged for initial antibiotics they sent home with her. Now they are charging for the stronger medication and for every bandage change. I cannot believe that for 3 stitches it has cost us almost double the cost it did to get the same dog spayed which is major surgery. I could easily have done the bandaging myself had I known they were going to charge for this. I assumed all of this was included in the first bill. I also question why we are charged for the change in antibiotics when the vet did not give her strong enough antibiotics the first time. At this clinic where I have been going to for years I have always felt the charges were reasonable until lately. My vet recently returned home taking a year’s leave of absence and I chose to continue with the clinic for now. I know the clinic has gone through many changes in the last few years but I find the charges are quite higher than in the past.

I feel a many vets overcharge and because we love our pets we pay the price to keep them healthy. I know my vet was always reasonable and would allow me to provide care to my animals that she knew I was capable of. I can’t remember her ever prescribing a medication that did not work the first time and she always recommended the less expensive methods of treatment that would work for the animal.

I will continue to stay with the clinic especially because of Jasper’s history and medical issues and hoping that my vet returns. If my vet chooses not to return, than I will be looking for a vet who is open to using holistic methods with current practices and who charges reasonable prices for care.