I have not blogged for a while as I have not been able to write about the loss of my best friend, loyal companion and my heart. Over the next few blogs I will be telling his story, maybe it will help others and bring me some peace.

Jasper was a sweet boy with an old soul. His eyes said it all, he touched many hearts. His calm manner and patience I have not seen in many dogs. Jasper was very intuitive, he knew when to give people or animals their space, he didn’t push. Jasper would wait till they overcame their own fears and accepted him. He socialize many puppies, aggressive dogs, and he was a quiet leader who had respect from other members in his pack. Jasper did not have to fight or show aggression his quiet unassuming demeanor said it all. I enjoyed training with Jasper so much that I became a dog trainer, and Jasper was my only partner. He built my business with his well mannered behavior. Our relationship reflected our respect, love and devotion which my clients wanted to have with their own dogs.

Jasper and I enjoyed our time working together, and we were an excellent team who read each other well. As he got older I recognized that while Jasper enjoyed being with me, his health was taking a toll, so I retired him earlier this year. Over the last year Jasper bonded strongly with my husband, who has not been well. I stepped back because I knew Jasper could help heal and I wanted Jasper to enjoy being the center of our lives and with my business, our other two dogs, so my time was limited. Jasper and I continued to have a special relationship but he also was spoiled by my husband and the two of them enjoyed their time together. Jasper was very loved and appreciated because he was so special.

Jasper was an amazing therapy dog. I have seen people petrified of dogs who in time were able to pet Jasper. Many of the people in the retirement home over the years loved Jasper’s visits, including the staff. Jasper was so comfortable with his visits it was like his second home. He loved getting his back scratched, laying at their feet and just saying “hi” to everyone that he saw. He was always excited to go on his pet visits and I know he is sadly missed.

I know my heart will always be empty where once Jasper filled it with his love and friendship. I recognize the special gift Jasper was in my life, what he gave and I was blessed to have shared this bond with such a sweet loyal friend.

Jasper – Great News

My vet just called me with Jasper’s Cushing’s and liver enzymes results. I had increased the milk thistle and is has dramatically reduced the liver enzymes, although they are still high they have decreased almost in half. The liver enzymes are higher than normal when a dog is on anticonvulsant drugs.

As for the Cushing’s Jasper’s resting Cortisol level is in the normal range, but his levels after the injection of Cortisol were a little elevated. The vet feels he may be in the early stages of Cushing’s or that the diabetes is causing the elevation. For now we treat the diabetes being very careful to watch for any signs of a pancreatitis attack so we can treat quickly to avoid him going off food for a few days and prevent having to stop insulin while he is not eating.

Overall I am ecstatic and feel my prayers have been answered and I will continue to treasure each day I have with him.

Now to update all those who have been supporting and sending us good thoughts!!

Thanks so much!!!