I will be taking Rogan in the car with me more often, building on our bond and preparing her for visiting clients on a more regular basis. She is very well behaved in the car as all my dogs are, and I enjoy the company. Within the next month I should be able to access whether she can be used for my business as a demo dog or whether she will require additional training.

Rogan is doing well with her training at home, although I need to spend more time with her, and at this time I am very busy so I do a little each day. I need about an extra 5 hours to my days right now they go by so fast!

Working Rogan in drive with the ball gives me a happier and livelier dog and for me it’s more fun too! I have had no time to work her this way and look forward to Dog Club on the weekend where I will get this opportunity.

My goals with Rogan are to continue her tracking, go for her BH Title, do pet visits and use her as my demo dog. I cannot compare her to Jasper, as she is a very different dog. She cannot be used to socialize other dogs as it is not in her temperament. Her obedience is good and I will continue to build on it. I know at first she will be under some stress as she adjusts to her new jobs, which is why I will slowly integrate her. Sometimes it will just be a car ride, and she will be with me during the lessons for short durations at first.

As I continue to develop my skills as a trainer both Rogan and I will go to higher levels!