Stepping Stones

Often people will call me with a specific problem they are having with their dog, maybe it pulls on leash or doesn’t come when called. On my first visit I assess the dog and quickly decide my plan of action. I may start off teaching the dog a command such as “look” or working on problems I see in the relationship. If the foundation isn’t right I cannot always fix the problem until I fix the foundation.

It can be difficult for a client to understand, they may ask what does teaching a dog to “look” have to do with walking? Of course there are many reasons I may teach something else before working on the problem it all depends on the dog and the relationship with its owner.

While I do use correction and consequences in my training, a dog needs motivation, positive reinforcement, boundaries, respect and a calm handler. Dogs will see stress and frustration as a weakness sometimes causing behavior issues. There is a difference in using correction/consequences and using force. Before fixing any problem often other issues need to be addressed and fixed. As a trainer I need to be able to view a situation and then implement the proper plan of action to fix the problem. No two dogs are the same, and I always work in the best interest of the dog.

Once foundation pieces are fixed it can sometimes be quite easy to fix other problems as the dog is clear about the expectations. For some dogs it is just motivating them to learn and follow their handler. Consistency, clear expectations, motivation and leadership are all important pieces of the foundation of training your dog!

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