Dogs and the Heat

This is a good time to remind people about their canine friends and the heat. Taking proper precautions will keep your pet cool and safe from heat stroke. Dogs need adequate fresh cold water, I like to add ice cubes or crushed ice. If you are traveling with your pet always have cool water assessable using a portable container. For the backyard, have cool drinking water, and maybe a small pool or sprinkler. A dog cannot not sit out in the hot sun all day they must have shaded areas where they can cool down. Tents, gazebos, trees offer shade for your furry friends. I do not let my dogs spend much time out in the hot humid heat, I prefer that they are in an air conditioned areas where they can lie on a cool floor, this is best for all dogs. If it’s too hot outside for humans than its too hot for your pets.

NEVER EVER leave your dog in a car when it is hot even with the windows open. It amazes me how these warnings go out every year and yet people still leave their dogs in cars with windows up and no water, it only takes seconds for animals to be in distress and minutes before its too late to save them. Be responsible and be a good owner, never leave your dog in a car when it is hot outside.

Older animals, sick, short nosed and overweight animals need to be watched more closely as they are more sensitive when exposed to the heat. Certain breeds, like pugs, bulldogs, boxers etc. are more susceptible to being affected by the heat as they have poor panting mechanisms.

When you walk your dog it is best to do in the morning or evening when the pavement is cool on their paws. Don’t over exert them, go too far or run them in the heat. Bring water with you to give your animal even on short walks.

Taking just a few precautions will keep your canine friend cool and safe during the hot days of summer!

Vaccinations – Are our pets being over-vaccinated?

Please know these are my personal opinions I am expressing based on research and seeing first hand the affects of vaccinations in animals. I feel every pet owner should make their own informed choice. Many pet owners are unaware of the latest standards and don’t question their vets on practices that may be causing their pets harm. It is time consuming doing your own research but it is my passion to give my animals the best affordable care I can, so they can live long healthy lives!

With all my pets I always had them get their yearly vaccinations. When my own dog developed multiple illnesses and I switch to the raw diet, I started reading articles on the dangers and affects of vaccinations. I have seen in my own dog’s behavior changes and I believe health issues attributed to vaccinations as well as many of the dogs I have worked with soon after being vaccinated. Coincidence – it could be, if it only happened occasionally but the more often I see it, the more questions I have. With my own animals I used to stop the vaccinations as they became seniors. Now I questioned after reading many articles and seeing research and links to health issues whether the vaccinations are causing more harm then good. I still believe it is important to vaccinate to prevent diseases, but I question the way it is done and how often. I remember as a child our dogs would get a yearly rabies shot and that was the only vaccination provided. We rarely saw the vet and I rarely heard of dogs getting cancers and other immune diseases that are more prevalent nowadays. I have read many books and articles by vets that disagree with current practices based on research they have done on the increasing health issues they are seeing in the animals in their care.

I am not an extremist and believe looking into things thoroughly as I did before switching to raw diet, which I now believe is the best type of diet for our pets. I have been doing the same researching vaccinations, both the positive and negative affects they can have on our pets. I am now making changes in the way I vaccinate my pets and how often. I have spoken to breeders, trainers, vets discussing the affects of vaccines. I do not limit myself to researching the negative but also the positive as I believe it is important to be well informed and knowledgeable before making any decision. My goal is to have happy, healthy pets that live long lives.

It has been proven that the rabies vaccine often lasts 5-10 years after the vaccine is given and yet vets still give yearly or every three years this vaccine. Recently evidence has shown that poor diets and over-vaccinating are a major factor in the development of the epidemic increases in autoimmune diseases, seizures, hormonal disorders and cancer seen pets. Vaccinating pets with chronic immune mediated illnesses or cancer, or even a history of cancer, is contraindicated, as all vaccine inserts that come with the vaccinations say for “use in healthy animals only.” There’s even evidence that genetic changes have occurred due to over-vaccination over many generations. Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets’ immune systems, and include chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid, adrenal, and pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds. Research also shows a record number of behavioral and emotional disorders including alarming and unexplained fears/aggression. When I initially switched my dogs to the raw diet, and saw immediate health improvement I knew I needed to question/research what I could continue to do to offer my pets the best care. Since I have seen an alarming increase in immune disorders, chronic allergies etc. in many of the animals I work with plus my own I believe more research needs to be done.

Below are links to websites that I feel are informative.—The-Alternative-to-Over-Vaccinating&id=1652954