Root Cause

As a trainer we always have to look at what is the root cause for problems that clients have with their pets. An example is when a dog is asked to sit and doesn’t sit. The first question is:

– does the dog know how to perform this action ?

If there is any doubt the dog must first be taught the mean of the command “sit”.

The next step is to look at the relationship between the dog and the owner, if the relationship is not right or the owner is not clearly communicating to the animal this will need to be addressed and corrected.

Third is looking at the temperament, examples might be if the dog has anxiety issues or dominance issues these would need to be addressed by a behaviorist or experienced trainer depending on the temperament issues.

I also consider could it be a medical issue. I have seen dogs that will not perform certain commands as it causes them pain or discomfort. For instance a dog with hip issues, may feel discomfort when sitting therefore avoid performing the command.

Often I get calls and people will explain in detail the issues they are having with their animal but unless I see the dog and owner I cannot offer sound advice to fix the problem. Only by viewing the dog can I analyze the situation and develop a viable solution.

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