Currently I am working with Rogan to get her to respond to my command “platz” (down) quicker. Often she would hesitate but after just a week she is responding without any hesitation. I have also been working with both Rogan and Gracie developing their working in drive. I am very happy with the responses I am getting. For the first time Gracie dealt with her anxieties and gave me drive outside in a new environment. Other dogs and people were around and yet she was able to focus and go into drive. It was fun for both of us. When you get success in training and know that your dog “gets it” you and the dog are rewarded!

Ironically a client called me to tell me about how their dogs seem to understand how to properly walk after our last lesson. Prior to working with this client they could not walk their dogs especially together, as it had become very unpleasant experience. They still have work to do, but they can actually take their dogs out for walks and enjoy it. As a trainer I am very excited for them and pleased that I was able to help them overcome the issues and find enjoyment spending quality time with their dogs.

In working my own dogs, I was recently surprised at how Rogan would respond to me, with just eye movement. When I started working on better response for her downs and she was slow, but just a movement of my eyes would get her to respond quicker. I find it amazing how dogs are able to read even the slightest body language.

Each dog I work with whether my own or a clients, having success is always the goal. Developing the clients understanding and their own handling skills brings out better responses from their dogs and helps them to reach or exceed their training goals.

Success in communication and training brings such joy to the dog and the owner, building a stronger bond. Meeting our goals and often exceeding our expectations is the best reward!

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